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1010 Wilshire
1100 Grand
448 Hill Street Building
609 Grand
610 Broadway
612 Flower Pegasus
740 Olive Building
Arcade Building
Chapman Lofts
Continental Bank Building
Eastern Columbia Building
Gas Company Building
Hellman Building
Main Street Neighborhood
Mercantile Lofts
Pacific Electric Building

Roosevelt Building
Rowan Building Lofts
San Fernando Building
Santa Fe Building Lofts
St. Vibiana Cathedral
Subway Terminal Building
Title Insurance Building
Union Building
Ford Hotel, Los Angeles
Granada Building, Los Angeles
Hoover Hotel, Whittier
Loyola High School, Los Angeles
Palace Hotel, Long Beach
Seaview Terrace, Santa Monica
YMCA 500 West, San Diego

The Ruzika Company offers the talents of a team of lighting designers and theatre planning consultants who specialize in providing creative ideas for
architectural lighting, themed entertainment lighting, show lighting, and performing arts facilities.