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12 Bridges High School (NTD)
Adelanto High School (WLC)
Auburn State Theatre (Historic Renovation) (NTD)
Beverly Vista School Theatre, Initial Design (Historic Renovation) (Osborn)
Blair High School Amphitheatre, Concept Design
Bloomington High School
Canyon High School (NTD)
Capistrano Valley High School (WLC)
Castaic High School (Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke)
Centennial High School (HMC)
Chaffey High School #9 (WLC)
Clairemont High School (MVEI)
Clifton Auditorium (Historic Renovation) (Osborn)
Coachella High School, Not Built (WLC)
College of the Redwoods (Nichols, Melburg, & Rossetti)
Corona Del Mar High School, Equipment Specs (NMUSD)
Costa Mesa High School (MVEI)
Culver Center for the Arts, UC Riverside (Historic Renovation) (Harley Ellis Devereaux)
Dana Hills High School (WLC)
Duarte Performing Arts Center, Assessment (WLC)
Eastside High School (NTD)
El Dorado High School (MVEl)
El Segundo High School (Historic Renovation) (MVEl)
Eliot Middle School (Historic Renovation) (WLC)
Fontana High School Jurupa (WLC)
Foothill High School, Gymnasium Stage (NTD)
Glendale Auditorium Glendale Unified School District
Glendora High School Arts Center (NTD)
Grace Brethren Church
Heritage High School Auditorium (WLC)
Horace Mann Auditorium (WLC)
Hughes School Performing Arts Complex (Historic Renovation) (Osborn)
Indio High School (Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke)
Japan America Theatre, Equipment Specs, Japan Cultural Center
Jordan High School, Concept Design, (NTD)
LA Harbor College, Design-Build, Specs (Steinberg)
LA Valley College , Design-Build, Specs (Steinberg)
Laguna Pageant of the Masters Bowl, Equipment Specs
Laguna Woods Theatre, Equipment Specs
Lake Elsinore Schools, Assessment
Lindero Canyon Middle School
Live Oak High School (MVEl)
Long Beach Arena, Equipment Specs
Long Beach City College, Rigging & Stage Lighting Specs (WLC)
Los Angeles Valley College PAC, Design-Build, Specs
Loyola High School Music Center (Killefer Flammang)

Mark Keppel High School (GKK Works)
Mater Dei High School, Concept Design (Austin Company)
Mayan Hall, Southwestern College, Assessment
Meadows School Arts Complex (Killefer Flammang)
Memorial Hall Chapman University, Equipment Specs
Mission Viejo High School Performing Arts Complex
Monrovia High School (Historic Renovation) (WLC)
Mountain House School (Nichols, Melburg, & Rossetti)
Murrieta Valley High School, Concept Design (WLC)
Newport Harbor High School, Equipment Specs (NMUSD)
Norco High School Performing Arts Center (WLC)
Oaks Christian School (NTD)
Orange Coast College Theatre Complex, Equipment Specs (MVEl)
Oxnard College Performing Arts Center (MVEl)
Oxnard High School, Concept Design (WLC)
Paloma Valley High School Auditorium, Assessment (WLC)
Pasadena USD (15 auditorium modernization projects)
Pierce College, Renovation (Steinberg)
Pleasant Valley HS Performing Arts Center
PS School #1 (Killefer & Flammang)
Ramona High School (LPA)
Redondo Union High School, Renovation (MVEl)
Roosevelt High School Auditorium (WLC)
Sacramento City College, Renovation (NTD)
Sage Creek High School (Rachlin Partners)
Sage Hill High School (NTD)
San Bernardino High School, Renovation (Adolph Ziemba & Associates)
San Bernardino Valley College, Renovation (NTD)
Santa Ana High School, Renovation (HMC)
Santa Monica High School, Barnum Hall (Historic Renovation) (WLC)
Santaee High School, LAUSD (Randall-Baylon)
Seven Hills School
Sierra College, Not Built (NTD)
Sobrato High School Auditorium (HMC)
South Bay Performing Arts Center, Equipment Specs (City of Redondo Beach)
Southeasth Coast Repertory Theatre, Equipment Specs (MV&P)
South Region High School #12, LAUSD (MVEl)
Southeast Learning Center Theatre, Rigging (WLC)
Southwest College, Rigging (WLC)
Turning Point School Multi-Purpose Room, Concept Studies
Tustin High School, Assessment (NTD)
Valencia High School
Village Christian School, Gym Stage Renovation
Washington Middle School, Concept Design
Whitney School (WLC)
William Hart High School Theatre (NTD)
Wilson Middle School

The Ruzika Company offers the talents of a team of lighting designers and theatre planning consultants who specialize in providing creative ideas for
architectural lighting, themed entertainment lighting, show lighting, and performing arts facilities.